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We provide a variety of expert access solutions in South/South East England (incuding areas of London) with high standards of Health and Safety and customer service

Temporary Roofs

Temporary roofs/covers are designed to protect the work areas from the elements and are most commonly used when the envelope of a building is compromised due to repair or construction works.

Each temporary roof structure will be of bespoke design taking in to account the seasonal wind loads exerted on to the structure and subsequent ballast/physical ties/ground anchors required to avoid uplift. 

Scaffolding Design

We have been working with a design company since 2007 who produce high quality, economic and considered scaffold design schemes for a vast array of applications.

Their services include third party design verifications, site surveys, calculations, AutoCAD fully detailed drawings and inspections of built structures evaluated with comprehensive structural report provided.

Their engineers are trained to comply with current legislation and scaffold engineering best practise, demonstrating competence derived from degree level engineering qualifications and numerous years of practical scaffold design experience, ensuring customers design obligations are fully met.

Suspended Scaffolding

Slung scaffolds are generally utilised when grounding a scaffold structure is impossible due to roads, rivers etc but in some cases are chosen to reduce costs i.e. less scaffold is used in suspending a floor of a 20 storey block of flats rather than building up from the ground.

Scaffolding Alarms

We have been working with a company since 2015 who supply scaffold alarms (both monitored and unmonitored) which are designed for 24/7 use and specifically designed for outdoor intruder alarm detection and perimeter protection, produced by leading manufacturers, using the latest technology.

Stages & Spectator Stands

We have erected a number of stages for entertainment events/wedding receptions, some of which with a temporary roof cover to protect performers and electrical equipment from the elements.

We have also provided  numerous spectator stands often used when ground conditions are poor for pedestrian traffic.


We have been working with a company since 2005 who supply a range of hoists with a dedicated team of engineers to ensure all hoists are maintained to the highest standards. All hoist installations can include training on the equipment and further training when required.

Their hoists include, but are not limited to:

  • Ladder hoists
  • scaffold hoists
  • beam hoists
  • platform hoists
  • transport platforms
  • small & large goods hoists

Scaffold Hoarding

We have been working with a company since 2015 who supply scaffold hoarding to provide a safe and secure environment for workers, building staff, visitors, and the public.

Site hoarding is an important feature of any building site as hoarding offers security, privacy, and site appearance. They offer a range of access options from hatches and windows, to full sized steel gates.

Scaffold Lighting

We have been working with a company since 2015 who supply scaffold lighting. Proper construction lighting is a necessity to ensure the safety of workers and the public.

The quicker and easier it is to see a hazard the higher the likelihood of avoiding it. The types of dangers present at work therefore determines the lighting requirements for safe operation. Providing the correct level of lighting is particularly important when working at night. P

oor lighting can represent significant risks in the form of time off work as a result of accident and injury, but also through reduced staff efficiency and productivity. All lighting is installed by NICEIC trained engineers and includes the following: Alarm activated flood lights, pedestrian and walkway lighting, floodlights for sites, compounds and cabin setups, pavement and street scaffolds.

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