Chimneys come in all shapes and sizes depending on the type and style of the building. They can be located (almost) anywhere around the building or on the roof but are usually located at the highest point of the building. Despite the variety of chimneys, they all have one common feature – they all require maintenance.

Safe access to any chimney is always a priority so that workmen can carry out works with the minimum of risk to themselves or others. Whether the access is required for flashing, re-pointing, replacing flue linings or even the complete removal of a chimney, specialist chimney scaffolding offers the most cost effective and safe means of access for workers.

Normally, a simple tower will be erected and then further framework fixed in place to allow access to the full perimeter of the stack. Usually this is done by ‘saddling’ over the ridge of the roof and erecting further scaffolding to allow access to all sides of the chimney stack. From there, dependent on how high the stack is, further chimney scaffold lifts will be erected, these will generally be in 2m lifts to avoid any head injuries to the workforce.

Ideal Scaffolding (Southern) Ltd are experts in this field offering the customer the most cost effective solution to allow access to your chimney. Our chimney scaffold hire service is second to none and our team have worked on numerous domestic and commercial properties as well as heritage buildings for the National Trust.