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Ideal Scaffolding (Southern) Ltd. recently completed a significant scaffolding project for the re-cladding of the Viewpoint Apartment Block located on Gosport seafront. The project, covering a 120m perimeter and reaching a height of 33m, was delivered to TSL working in partnership with McCarthy Stone. The main challenges involved spanning lower roofs with beam work and designing lifts without bracing to allow easy transit around the scaffolding structure.

The Challenges:

  1. Spanning Lower Roofs: The project required the installation of scaffolding that could span across lower roofs to provide access for cladding works. This involved careful planning and engineering to ensure the stability and safety of the scaffold structure.
  2. Bracing Omission for Easy Transit: To enable easy movement around the scaffolding, it was necessary to design the lifts without bracing. This presented a challenge as bracing is typically used to provide additional stability and support to the structure.
  3. Concrete and Steel Foundations: Robust foundations were required to support leg loads either side of building below beam work spans.

The Solution:

Ideal Scaffolding (Southern) Ltd. tackled the challenges of the project through the following solutions:

  1. Beam Work for Spanning: The scaffold structure was designed to incorporate beam work, allowing it to span across the lower roofs seamlessly. This provided a stable platform for workers to access the cladding areas efficiently and safely.
  2. Lifts with Bracing Omission: the lifts were strategically erected at floor slab intervals, with careful consideration given to omitting bracing. This design allowed for easy transit around the scaffolding structure, enabling workers to navigate the site without obstruction.

The Outcome:

Ideal Scaffolding (Southern) Ltd. successfully completed the large scaffolding project for the Viewpoint apartment block’s cladding. By overcoming the challenges of spanning lower roofs and designing lifts without bracing, they ensured efficient access for cladding works and easy movement around the scaffold structure.

Lessons Learned:

Engineering Expertise: utilising engineering knowledge and expertise is crucial when faced with challenges such as spanning roofs to maintain the stability and safety of the scaffold structure.
Innovative Design: creating scaffold lifts without bracing requires innovative design solutions to ensure stability while allowing unobstructed movement for workers.

Effective Collaboration: working in partnership with TSL and McCarthy Stone, Ideal Scaffolding demonstrated the importance of effective collaboration to successfully complete large-scale scaffolding projects.

Ideal Scaffolding (Southern) Ltd.’s successful delivery of the Viewpoint apartment block’s re-cladding project showcases their ability to overcome unique challenges and provide innovative solutions. Their expertise in scaffolding services has contributed to the successful partnership between TSL and McCarthy Stone in achieving the project’s objective.

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